Let Me… Help You… Solve the Medicare Insurance Puzzle!

Simple and Honest Fact Sheet for New Medicare Enrollees

Pre-enrollment Applications:

Advance Pre-enrollment applications and “rate locks” taken over the phone… “I’ll hold your application until you get your Medicare card” … unethical and Medicare doesn’t allow it.


I am required by Medicare to process your application within 24 hours. I cannot “hold” your application for any reason while we wait for your Medicare card to arrive.

Medicare Plan Benefits:

Medicare regulates the insurance companies that offer you insurance products. A “Plan F” or “Plan G” has the same core benefits, regardless of which company makes the offer. The only real difference is the monthly premium you pay each month. Why pay more for essentially the same thing???

How do I get paid?

I don’t charge you $250.00 for my services which are free. Medicare doesn’t allow me to charge you anything. As an independent insurance agent, I get paid by the insurance company when you enroll with me in the plan of your choice.

Phone Calls/Over the Phone Enrollments:

In most cases, Medicare doesn’t allow me to call you without your permission. Don’t share personal, financial or health information over the phone with people you don’t know. Identity theft is a real big problem… don’t make it easy for the thieves.


The process of getting enrolled with Medicare is truly a real “Life Event”. I’ve been eligible for Medicare since 2014. My 35 years of experience in helping people get from point A to B of their Medicare Benefits is free of charge. The biggest part of my job is being a “Medicare translator” … to help you choose the plan of your choice with the least amount of hassle and confusion.

Next Step:

Call me today, we can figure out which Medicare Plan works best for you and make this “Life Event” as simple as possible.

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I have been a client of Tim Specht for approximately two and a half years. During that time my wife and I have been extremely satisfied with the excellent job Tim Specht has done for us.

Tim Specht and his business provide a professional insurance service that is based on our needs and circumstances. He takes the time to explain the options available to us, and with an unbiased opinion, helps in choosing which plan will work best for us.

​You want the truth. Tim Specht has saved us a boatload of money by helping us choose a great plan based on what we need. I like the fact that Tim Specht has an A+ rating with Louisville’s Better Business Bureau. Tim Specht also sends out a regular mailing and is available 24 hours a day.

Thank you,
Gregory G.

My husband and I have worked with Tim Specht for many years to determine which Medicare Supplement and Prescription coverage is best for us.

Tim Specht is knowledgeable of the various levels of coverage and the advantages and disadvantages for us for our personal needs.

Tim Specht is always available for questions and suggestions and returns calls promptly. We are confident that he works in the best interest of his clients.
Nancy B.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance! You made it as easy as it can be!

Cindy J.