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Selecting a Medicare Plan

Consider the following when determining which Medicare coverage is right for you:

Medicare Parts A & B + Medicare Supplement Plan…. Your Choices and Options….

What you can expect:

  • Accepted by any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare Parts A & B patients. Acceptance is wider than that of most Medicare Advantage Plans.
  • For some plans, the premium may be your only expense for Medicare-covered services. Most plans do not require a co-payment or co-insurance.
  • Premiums may be higher than a Medicare Advantage plan.

It may be a fit if:

  • You like to have the ability to see any doctor that accepts Medicare patients
  • You travel often to other parts of the United States

Enrolling into a Prescription Drug Plan is recommended because Medicare Supplement plans do not provide coverage for these costs.

Medicare Advantage Part “C” choices

What you can expect:

  • Generally, Medicare Advantage plans utilize a certain network of doctors.
  • Per-visit fees are often charged through either a co-payment or co-insurance.
  • Most Medicare Advantage plans cover both medical and prescription drug expenses through a single premium.

It may be a fit if:

  • You are willing to see doctors that are within the plan’s network. (Plans often offer a lower cost option if the network doctors are used.)
  • You don’t visit the doctor very often (per-visit charges).
  • You prefer to have your medical and prescription drug coverage under one plan with a single premium.

Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plan…. It’s all about the provider network

Think about what’s important to you. Every individual may have unique needs and concerns when it comes to healthcare coverage. Some people are most concerned about keeping their costs down. Other people prefer going to any doctor they choose.

Medicare Plan differences to consider:

  • Different premium amounts and out-of-pocket costs
  • Choose in-network or out-of-network doctors
  • Whether you need a referral to go to a specialist
  • Whether you can get additional benefits
  • Distance of travel to get to the doctor or hospital
  • How often you travel for business or leisure

To help you make a more informed decision, consider the following:

  • The cost of benefits
  • Availability of benefits
  • Doctor and hospital choices and options in your city or county.

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