Medicare does a great job of covering you INSIDE the United States, but does not cover you OUTSIDE the United States.

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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel is an important part of retirement and with GeoBlue products through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, your healthcare can be the last thing on your mind. Because Medicare only covers you inside the United States, GeoBlue is the perfect solution for your insurance needs during your travel outside the United States.

GeoBlue Advantage includes:

  • Better Benefits – rich coverage without the hidden gotcha’s
  • Better Services – concierge level access to the very best providers internationally
  • Better Protection – U.S. regulated policies, designed to protect you and your customers

The level of coverage and access to networks overseas varies among groups, individual, government plans, and insurance carriers. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offer a suite of international health insurance solutions designed to meet the needs of globally mobile individuals worldwide. GeoBlue offers affordable extended coverage through travel health products that offer enhanced benefits, support, security, and convenience for anyone planning trips abroad or living outside of the U.S. for an extended period. GeoBlue plans bridge coverage gaps and are engineered for international traveler needs.

Customers will receive concierge-level service to help them navigate different health systems across the globe:

  • Access to 24/7 assistance services
  • Access to a hand-selected contracted global provider network
  • Clear, extensive evacuation/repatriation coverage and AD&D
  • Direct pay – meaning a cashless experience with no costly upfront payments for care
  • Valuable digital tools, including security profiles that help empower members
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